Afghan Red or Aqcha rugs

Afghan Red or Aqcha rugs are simple verision of the Khal Mohammadi rug design. Using locally sourced wool and chemical dyes, the Afghan Reds have a lower knot count than their Khal Mohammadi counterparts and are less introcate as a result. They are woven around the Aq Chah region and between Ankoy and Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. Aqchas are excellent value for money for those looking for a nice handknotted rug that won’t break the bank.

A Kunduz Khal Mohammadi rug A unique Khal Mohammadi design

Afghan Reds are warm and welcoming. The colours are dark, usually deep reds with dark blue or black used for detail. The detail in the rug can vary but the pattern is almost always one form of repeated columns of ‘gul’ or ‘fil pai’ (elephant prints) adapted from the Ersari and Turkmen weavers’ heritage.

A beautiful Khal Mohammadi carpet