How to Decorate Your Home in Modern Decor

So modern decor is not to be confused with contemporary decor. The difference is, modern is a sleek design that is more historical. So you’ll see it in mid-century modern. You’ll see it in early American sometime, in some of the simple lines. Contemporary decor is just what is contemporary now. What people are doing right now, which you’ll see a lot of transitional and eclectic, so that’s completely different.

When you’re doing modern decor though, you want to pay attention to the lines of the piece. Make sure they’re simple and they’re elegant. Even the woodwork that you find in the home, you don’t have any fluting or a lot of ridges. You have to remember that less is more. So it’s always about, not only the space that you fill, but it’s also about the space that you don’t fill.

You want to leave space for you to breathe, for you to look at. So every wall doesn’t have to be completely covered, like you would have a little bit more in the traditional design. You have wall space that is a little bit more empty. If you had maybe six pieces of artwork, you would want to make sure they’re all symmetrical and they match or you have one really large grand piece.

The furniture lines are simple. And also, another thing to keep in mind, is in the more modern styling you get a lot of low-rise furniture. So a lot of the sofas and the lounge chairs are lower than you would in the standard furniture elements. Simple lines, simple colors, graphics are bolder.

So instead of maybe a rug that has a ton of different colors here and there, they may have a few bold colors or simple lines with splashes here and there. So when you go modern you want to make sure that less is more, you want to make sure your lines are clean and simple and that it’s really about bold and focused, and less about scattered and little.