Fringe Hold


Introducing the amazing FRINGE HOLD. Keep your rug fringes neat and straight always. No more messy fringes. no more fringes getting caught in your vacuum cleaner and eating up your rugs. No more bending over backwards over and over again to brush and arrange your fsy tringes. Protect and prolong the life of your rugs and fringes. Easy
to install and remove. 25 feet per roll enough for 2 large rugs and upto 6 smaller rugs. Great for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, anywhere you have a rug. AS seen on TV.


  • Keeps fringes or tassels on any rug,carpet or tapestry neat and straight always.
  • Eliminates the need to bend down every day to brush and arrange fringe tassels over and over.
  • Creates a neat, beautiful finished appearance for all rugs and carpets.
  • Protects and prolongs life of fringes.
  • Eliminantes fringes from tangling in vacuum cleaner.
  • Great for carpets and rugs in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels.
  • Transparent, easy to install, easy to remove.
  • Inexpensive and long lasting.
  • Safe to use.


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