Other Services

Essgo Carpets is proud to provide our clients excellent rug and carpet repair services, by our highly experienced and talented rug artist.

Essgo Carpets can also provide you with an evaluation for all you rugs and carpets. For insurance purposes or for your own records. You will receive a beautiful certificate describing the origin, quality, age, value, and materials used in your rug,  as well as pertinent information as to the history and authenticity of your rugs.

Essgo Carpets also provides rental of some of our rug collections for movies, TV shows, special events, or whatever you may need to rent a rug for.

We also provide a wedding, bridal, groom, and special event registry for all your special day and other occasions.

Free in home or office trial of any of our in stock rugs before you decide to buy the rugs or not.

We also provide a full 1 year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

Designer and decorating services and consultations.

Rug trade and exchange for your used quality rugs and carpets, tapestries, and needle points.

We also carry high quality underpads for all you rug and carpet needs. Rug pads on wood floor, ceramic, or any hard floor. Rug on wall to wall carpet padding, and more.

We sell Cleaning and rug care products, and fringe care products.

We also install new fringes or serging of your rug edges when they are worn or damaged.

Custom rug design and manufacturing. We will design a rug to your exact specifications size and taste. Available in many qualities and options from hand made to broadloom.


The Persian knot is formed by wrapping the yarn around one warp strand, then passed under the adjoining warp strand and then brought back to the surface. This type of knot, also known as the Senneh knot, produces a finer weave.

Knots Per Square Inch (kpsi)

175-200 kpsi (Nomadic)
200-300 kpsi (Average)
300-400 kpsi (Above Average)
400-500 kpsi (Very Fine)
500+ kpsi (Exceptionally Fine)


The Turkish knot is formed by wrapping yarn around two adjoining warp strands and bringing it to the surface in the middle of the two strands. Turkish and Kurdish tribes of Turkey, Iran and the Caucuses use this type of knot, also known as the Ghiordes knot.

Tabriz Knots (lines per 7.5cm)

30-40 lines (Average)
40-50 lines (Above Average)
50-60 lines (Very Fine)
60+ lines (Exceptionally Fine)


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