How to Choose the Right Rug Size

Room-by-room layouts and tips for determining the best option for your space.

How to Choose the Right Rug Size | Wayfair's Ideas & Advice

Ready to buy a new rug, but aren’t sure what the best size for your space is? These these room-by-room essentials and foolproof tips are here to help—so when it comes time to unroll the rug, you know it’ll fit exactly the way you want.

Sizing Tips for All Spaces

Bigger is Better
A few inches makes all the difference between the rug pulling the room together or chopping it up. Opting for the larger option, especially if you’re between sizes, will prove worth the extra expense every time.

Take Cues From Your Room
Both for the rug size and its orientation. The rug should be proportional to the space (large rooms = large rugs) and placed to echo its dimensions (long room = orient lengthwise).

Visualize the Final Look
 .By using painter’s tape to mock the rug placement before you buy. This trade secret is an easy way to check that you have the right fit from every vantage point