Machine-knotted rugs

Machine-knotted rugs are produced through thousands of reels of thread being fed into one giant mechanical loom, which quickly weaves the rug according to a chosen pattern. During production, which is carried out in fixed widths, different patterns and sizes can be produced simultaneously, which means minimal material spillage once the machine is running. There are however certain limitations, including the fact that only a certain number of colours can be used in one rug; usually between 8 and 10 colours can be combined and screened to produce a wider colour spectrum. Once the rugs have been woven, the various patterns and sizes are cut apart, after which they are trimmed/edged for the best possible durability. A number of rugs are also decorated with fringes afterwards, which are sewn onto the short ends, as opposed to the fringes being part of the rug’s warp threads as is the case in hand-knotted carpets.
Producing a machine-knotted rugs takes approx. one hour depending on size, compared to a hand-knotted carpet which can take months and even years, which is also the main reason that machine-knotted rugs are significantly cheaper.