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Design professionals are one of the most important factors of our success. Our journey together starts with a meeting to get to know you and the type of projects or clients you work with. After that, we’ll provide you with access to our full range of catalogs and rug selections,  allowing you to order exclusive rugs and accessories.

A rug Designates a room or space, it enhances and complements the entire look of your interior space. It frames your room or furniture. The size of the rug can influence the dynamic of the room as much as it’s colors.

A rugs can add warmth, sexiness, calmness, drama, texture, and of course life and color to any room. It’s a conversation piece a painting on the floor. It’s keeps your feet warm in the winter, absorbs sounds, protects your floors with a good padding, insulates the house. It’s more than just a design element.